Monday, June 02, 2008

Siwa, Egypt - Boss, boss...The Plane, the plane!!

Biking on a lonely, lonely road leading from Fatnas Spring (or Fantasy Island). These are my homies: l to r: Jason, Tomo, and Robbie). I must admit I didn't take photos of Fatnas Spring 'cause I was swimming in it. Lots o' fun until I remembered I really can't swim. The Spring was really, really deep... Oh well, at least I can say I "swam" in an oasis...

Those lazy hazy days of summer...hmmm. Love the 40 C temps. Ladies and germs, that lake is not a mirage. To prove it, Jason was skipping rocks on it.

We tried to rent the 4X4 last night. We checked out the vehicle and met the driver last night. They quoted the price of LE 400. The bastards would not budge. First, the Korean guys (traveling under extreme budgets) balked and left the table. Robbie the American, seeing no hope, followed soon thereafter, leaving me and Jason holding the bag. There's a chance at hatching a plan tomorrow. A slight chance at that. We learned of a Polish couple thinking about making a similar trek. However, I'm not holding my breath. Feeling the urge to move on, I most likely will head back to Cairo by bus in the next day or two and then to the Sinai.

Met a Japanese girl at the Yousef Hotel yesterday. She went biking with us out to Fatnas Spring (a.k.a. Fantasy Springs)today. Her name is Tomo.

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