Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - I've got a future as a travel agent...

When the Dahab Hostel's elevator is out of order (that's quite often by the way), we have to take this set of stairs.

Damn it was hot today. The radio announcer wasn't phased in any way when she forecasted a temperature of 40 C. She gleefully added that it will be accompanied by lots of sunshine.

Should have got more work done today but the day started too late. Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow.

But first, I've got to extend my visa. I've lost track of time left on my initial visa, but it seems like I've been here for an eternity. I've never had to extend a visa, anywhere.

Bad news on the guidebook front. The LP central Asia was sold out at the AUC. Together with the lack of a LP Pakistan, a journey eastward would rather challenging at this point. That leaves the options of home/Europe or traveling overland to Istanbul in search of guidebooks (then pick up a Iranian Visa somewhere along the way). It's complicated.

I met the craziest dude at brekkie today. A Chinese/Aussie dude. When I told him that I was Chinese as well, he started talking to me using some weird dialect. I interrupted and said that I didn't understand what he was saying but he kept yammering at me with his garbled Chinese.

He must have clued in when he spotted my confused/contorted face.

"I thought you understood Chinese", he chortled.


The conversation got weirder when I questioned him about the instant noodles he was eating... He had gone to the local "Asian" market and stocked up on instant noodles (wonder if this was the best Asian fare he could find) and sussed out all of the Chinese restaurants in town.

"Why not eat the local foods?", I asked.

He responded, "I'm afraid if I ate Egyptian food I would vomit". Thing is, he has never tried Egyptian.

"What if you go somewhere in Egypt where there wasn't Asian food to be found?", I asked.

First, he said he's carrying a supply of 24 instant noodles in his backpack. Second, there's bound to be a KFC or McDonald's where ever he goes. Hmmm... I didn't see these places in Aswan or Siwa... Kind of shocking coming from a guy who seemed to scrimp on everything else. Mickey D's, KFC, and Chinese restaurants just happened to be the most expensive places to eat here.

Anyway, to each their own I guess.

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