Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - The world is my oyster... only if I can get outta Egypt...

Alexandria, Egypt - Laaaddddieeeees!!!

Fairly busy morning. Two important metro trips (I love the subway!). First trip was to the Syrian Embassy. Nice visa guy there but he couldn't produce a visa for me. Apparently, only Egyptians and resident foreigners qualify for such a privilege. I wish I had known that 10 months ago when I was still at home. So, the overland route to Asia was out of the question.

[Ed. note: My American friend Rob, whom I met in Siwa, was able to obtain a Syrian visa at the border between Syria and Jordan. So, don't give up. Just go to the border.]

The second metro trip was to the southern suburb of Maadi. There I found, right by the metro station, the legendary Egypt Panorama Tours. According to LP, they are the cream of the crop when it came to reliable travel agencies (that's not difficult considering the snake oil travel agents in Midan Tahrir). The guy at Panorama was very helpful. Well, at least not snarky. Seems like the most economical way home (or at least the most direct way) was Cairo to Montreal. Then from there I'd buy a WestJet ticket for YYC.

Interesting... For 90 bucks more I can buy a ticket for Bangkok, Thailand then overland via Cambodia/Vietnam to HK. I can visit my friend Wasta and book a ticket home from there.

You'd think the right decision was a no brainer...

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