Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dahab, Egypt - Losing my bookmark in the Book of Life.

This marks one month in Egypt. I never thought I'd be here for such a long time. Usually I would have had the itch to move on by now. But, I'm in Dahab.

My review of what I've done so far in my time here: nothin'. Absolutely nothin'.

We did manage to play beach volleyball a couple of days ago. We chipped in to buy a cheap ball. A couple of locals joined in. Fun had by all.

Last night was good. Met a pretty hot Korean girl at the hotel. She was born in Seoul but raised in Brazil of all places. Her folks moved the family there when Korea was a mere shadow of it's present super economic self. Here's the bonus: she's a SCUBA diving instructor. She's interesting...

The boys are heading down to the foam-dispensing discos of Sharm tonite. Dunno why but I'm thinking of giving it a miss and just hanging out...

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