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pam, i worship the ground you sell books upon...

well, i rarely read the calgary herald. it's a rag... i digress.

when i heard that my good friend autumn had given an interview i plunked down 50 cents of my hard earned money.

have a read. there's not much on page C1. to set it context for those without access to the herald (you don't know how lucky you are), autumn and other real booksellers were reacting to a new fox sitcom starring "big, blonde, bombshell" (nice alliteration autumn!) pamela anderson, aptly named "stacked". she plays a bimbo, sorry, a party girl who opts for a job in the ho-hum, conservative world of bookselling. enough said.

would i shop more frequently in a bookshop that employed pamela anderson or a reasonable facsimile of her? hard to say. maybe a couple of times for curiosity's sake.

i rarely buy books nowadays. since my tenure at chapters, i've only been in an indigo store once. that was to buy a book for sis at xmas.

now if the public liberry hired more hotties (i know of a few), i'd be there my friends. lock stock and barrel AND i'm going to need alot of assistance with my "research" projects. did i mention i love the liberry and liberrians (whether they were hotties or not - it doesn't matter)?

as with the rest of article, i was really offended with the abebooks guy who said that "selling books is not sexy". man, what was i? chopped liver? look guy, sometimes you got to sell the sizzle along with the steak. you know what i mean?!

i digress. i saw a bit of the show. seemed like standard fare for a sitcom (ie. innocuous and stupid). lots of oggling by male characters. pam's got to pick it up or the show's goin' down. it'd be interesting to see if she can play a smart character. it'd be much more interesting.

i think heather locklear would have been way better. she's hot. she's smart. she's brings alot more with less.

my verdict: should of named the show "magazine rack" or "twenty minutes i can't get back". wow, that actually rhymed...


watched the cbc news (another circus-like show) afterwards. they had a gomery FAQ segment where pete mansbridge answered questions burning in the mind of jonny q. public.

one question was "how much is this inquiry costing us?"... ok, 72 million bucks for the commission (so, far) and an unknown amount for the on-going criminal investigation. the positive result for our fledging democracy, priceless. it's the cost of democracy...

then everything came to screeching halt. if the government fell, we'd have to pony up 200 million bucks to throw a party at the polls. yikes!!!

nothing's going to change as a result of a new election (see previous post and kyle's comment). look, i'm willing to accept pay back (bad choice of words) of the stolen money, those responsible for this travesty to be criminally charged and exiled to the falkland islands, a public condemnation of his predecessors and (this is going to be really tough) a sincere heart felt apology by paul martin to the canadian people. in exchange, i'm willing to walk away. i'll see him, his cronies, and all the other idiot politicians in a couple years for another whoop-dee-doo in the voting booth.

200 million bucks...gawd.

all that money down the drain and i'm going to vote for the same fool as last time...

Monday, April 11, 2005

ya got to be good to be lucky or ya lucky you didn't loose your shirt

been thinking about the "explosive" testimony coming out of the gomery investigation into the ad scam. first of all, the political spin on both sides is out of control. second, where there's smoke there must be fire or is that really fair to say, yet. no, i didn't vote for the liberals last election. third, the opposition is pondering the option of bringing down the government with a non-confidence vote. none of the opposing parties are exactly inspiring. i cannot see stephen harper as the prime minister of this country. no matter how hard i look...

power corrupts. whose to say, if a new party is installed in power, they won't be corrupt. now that's cynicism. or is skepticism more applicable. i think the latter.

the solution? run the country with robots. damn, they're programmed by human beings...

i have this feeling that this "scandal" ain't over...


last october i was riding home on my bike, in the dark, from the local liberry (i love liberries and liberrians). unbeknownst to me, my wallet jumped out of my jacket pocket and came to rest (identification and credit cards scattered about) on the road about 2 blocks from home. i got home and the phone rang. someone found it in front of their driveway!!!

yesterday, i went for a mini bike ride. i had my liberry card (by the way, did i mention that i loved liberries and liberrians? well, i do.) in my left pocket. unbeknownst to me, while i was riding along in evergreen, the card jumped out of my pocket. i only realized that i was physically separated from my beloved card at 3 pm today. i freaked. 5 dullah for the replacement card and the nearly impossible task of memorizing a new 50 digit liberry card number. yikes... i tore out of the house, following the exact route i took yesterday. to find it, i needed alot of luck. i went down evergreen street and took a sharp left and headed up an incline. on the side of the road, in gravel, i see a glint, a white flash. oh, puhleeese be my liberry card... as i approached, i looked down, it was a piece white plastic with blue letters on it. it was my liberry card!!! i brushed off the gravel and gave it a big wet kiss.

moral of both stories? i love liberries and all liberrians...

Saturday, April 09, 2005

ask bubba.

while flying his kite on a nice saturday afternoon, my lil' nephew, jeremy, spotted a rainbow around the sun. how pretty...

quick! what's this atmospheric optic called (other than a rainbow around the sun)?

click here for the answer.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Tribute to Pope J.P. 2 (We Luv U)

ok, hit it kenny...

"you picked a fine time to leave us Jay P.
4 billion hungry folks and a nutcase in Dee C...
you were a swell guy,
it's too bad we gotta say good bye
you picked a fine time to leave us Jay P."