Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Ken Follett, chicken, and rice...

The Fonz of Alexandria

I've got to get out of here. NOW! The temperature has dropped, thank god. But this inactivity is killing me. I swear my brain is leaking out my ears. Managed to add to the bookshelf (aka my backpack). Another trip to the book market netted another Ken Follett masterpiece, A Place Called Freedom. Should be a page-turner considering the last Follett tome, White Out, I read. Trashy novels I tell you. No intricate, multi-layered, time travel plots or even character development to be found here my friends, yet very entertaining. I'm very desperate for reading material. This one should last me a couple of days in Dahab, if that.

I must be better today. I went out for roast chicken/rice/soup/salad tonight. It was so nice to break the ta'maaya/kushary routine.

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