Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dahab, Egypt - Looking for the Dahab pawn shop...

A few soldiers of a much larger army of entrepreneurial Bedouin girls. They combine cuteness with the sales acumen of the best used car salesmen to form the most formidable retail force in Dahab. (photo courtesy of Thais)

Bad day. For starters, I forgot my soap box in the showers last night. It's gone... Seems like there's alot of busy fingers in in this hotel. I'm not sure whether it's guests or staff. Maybe both. Who ever it might be they are pretty desperate. I mean what's next? Party hats out of my toiletry bag? I dunno.

I was depressed for most of the day. Not for the soap box but the fact that I'm losing stuff almost daily now (little things add up to a lot).

Not much happened today other than hangin' with Mo and Joey the American Guy. Joey's kind of hilarious. He's a salesman back in the States. He sells pest extermination services door to door in San Diego. Apparently, he thinks Mo' would make an excellent salesman. Not so much in my case. It seems I haven't the personality to close the deal. Ouch, eh?

Had "dinner" with Young and Sandra tonite. Hot!!

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