Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Air conditioning? What is air conditioning?

My man Hosni's selling plums and peaches on the mean streets of Alexandria.

The recovery continues. I'm fine. Felt slight queasiness at about 1800 but I'm fine now.

Damn it was hot today. The radio said it was 42C. No where to hide. Maybe a movie theatre? Too bad I missed the 1300 showing of Spiderman 3...damn. I could have got out of the sun for a while. Instead, I chose to hide in my room. Not an ideal solution...

What was nice today was a phone call from gawgy (my brother). I miss him. Badly. I asked him to do a comparative study of East-West airline fares out of Cairo. I'm pretty nasty, eh? I'll write him to nix the idea... A local agency could do the work. Not. Can't trust any of them...

My brother sounded good though. He dialed back and put mutha on the phone. I miss her, too, in a positive way. She said she missed arguing with me. Ugh. I told her to go fight with gawgy. She says its more fun with me because I'm more feisty. Ugh.

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