Monday, June 09, 2008

Cairo, Egypt - Long time no see...

Boys #5 and #6 in Alexandria. Did I mention that I had a banana seat bicycle when I was a kid? It had a black seat and a wicked frame painted lime green. I loved that bike. My folks sold it for 2 dullah in the only garage sale they ever had. I'm gonna cry...sob.

The Cipro kicked in. No more dashes to the loo. Although I feel much better, I'm was operating in a bit of a fog. I had a relatively good night of sleep. I dunno what was wrong with me... It might be that I was taking the medication at the same time I was scarfing down taco chips (and washing it down with a big 2 L bottle of Orange Crush).

Was awoken this morning by the friendly folks at reception knocking on my door. Apparently, they had not seen hide or hair of me the last 48 hrs and were worried that I had skipped town without paying for the room. God bless their souls. Anyway, I informed Ahmed through the crack in the door that if he stepped any closer he would risk catching a disease that was akin to the bubonic plague. He got the message and stopped pestering me for the rent.

Later in the day, I managed to crawl out of bed and into an internet cafe (damn the WWW!) to check the email. It kind of piled up in the Inbox in my absence. It felt good to be online again.

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