Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lalibela, Ethiopia - It's becoming a freak show...

Still here. I woke up and didn't know where to go. The fact that transportation out of here is sparse and nothing short of a chore in arranging made me want to hide under the covers. Procrastination is a dangerous game to play though with the oncoming rainy season. There has been daily late afternoon torrential downpours. It's been refreshing but not conducive to enjoying trekking if I was in the Simiens.

As for the health, I've felt better. Hopefully, with a good night's sleep I'll be ready for whatever happens tomorrow.

Strange day today. The entire hotel was awaken this morning at 0230 by the hysterical screams of a woman on top of the steps leading to the rooms. I mean these were really freaky screams. I thought there was mischief or even rape at play. Anthony and Jesse ran to her aid. According to Jesse, she was fully clothed and looked relatively well off. She must have screamed for at least 15 minutes at the top of her lungs until someone dragged her off.

Suffice to say that incident was disconcerting. I rather see a riot instead.

There was a lot of people walking around with bandaged heads today. I guess breaking the fast brings out the worst in Ethiopia. They really like hitting the sauce around here.

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