Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Still here...

This day had potential to be disastrous. I went back to the Sudanese Embassy today for clarification. People are getting to know me down there especially front men Mahmoud and Sharif. At first they ignored my call at the gate, but I clanged on the metal door with an Ethiopian coin long enough to get their attention.

It's so difficult talking to the black man (visa guy). They should really hire someone who is fluent in English. From my best understanding of what he said, 14 days is 14 days total. From the moment he stamps my passport, I have exactly 14 days to clear Sudan. I can fit one day in Axum in the far north next to Eritrea but that would be dangerous, leaving me 2 days leeway to get to Khartoum. I'd have to apply for an visa extension in Sudan in that case. Knowing Africa too well (maybe), anything could happen and delay my departure.

Got word from Tom, the border dodger, today. He had his day in court. Guilty as charged. Poor guy has to fork out 500 USD and leave within 3 days. I thought I had problems.

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Steve H. said...

Can you change the date on the stamp? You know, take a blue pen and change a 0 to a 1 or something?

bubba said...

i haven't resorted to that yet, but i hear it's definitely possible.