Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gonder, Ethiopia - Where in the world is Boromir?

From 1635 to 1855 Ethiopia's Emperors wielded power from Gonder. Smack dab in the middle of modern Gonder is the Royal Enclosure (or Fasil Ghebbi), a 70,000 sq metre compound containing 7 castles and several other buildings surrounded by high stone walls.

Fasilida's Castle built circa 1640.

Ok, that was a waste of a day. Why am I so lackadaisical? Am I just putting off the inevitable? I am weak. No. I've trekked before - in the Himalayas - for chrissakes... But always with others. Well, I'm pretty sure I will be by myself for this Simiens thing. I've almost got the plan ready. Just have to do it. I am weak. It's ironic now thinking back to when Anthony, the Polish guy I met in Lalibela, said it might be lonely for me if I couldn't find trekking partners. I kind of laughed at the notion. If I can carry through with this expedition, it would be a triumph of a sorts. This might sound corny but with every victory won on this trip, I can take home something to remind myself that I am capable. Why do I have to be here in Africa or any other far flung place to realize myself? Good question... I bet there are a lot of folks back home wondering that as well. I figure being away from home, family, and friends, shakes me down to the very core of my psyche (how will I react, or solve a problem). Being in extreme isolation eliminates external influences - good or bad. Am I overstating things? Maybe... When I look at the accomplishments of others like Thomas, the transcontinental cyclist, my little dog and pony show pales in comparison. But I'm trying my best. It's hard out here... Tomorrow is another day (like a friend of mine use to say).

Out of Canuckistan: A travel blog, Apr 13/07
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Steve H. said...

Very nice pics. Love the use of natural framing.

bubba said...

Thanx Steve h.!