Friday, April 04, 2008

"Flintstone car" not a motor vehicle...Yabba Dabba Doooooo!!!

Sweet justice, my friends...

'Flintstone Car' Driver Off The Hook For Ticket

It was a work of art that wound up getting a traffic ticket.

To understand that statement, you have to go back to October 2007, when an odd looking Buick Regal made its maiden voyage around the streets of Toronto. Cops eventually flagged it down because the decrepit and rusted out hunk of junk was only going 15 kilometres an hour down a city street, impeding traffic.

But when P.C. Derek Walsh stopped the car and looked inside, he couldn't believe his eyes. The vehicle had no floor, no engine, and used candles for headlights. "Not even close to being legal," the officer noted in a moment caught on video, as he wrote out the ticket.

...Not long after, the jubilant defendant came out a winner. The judge dropped the charge, not because he liked the concept but because the vehicle wasn't actually a car at all. Therefore the specific charge of operating an unsafe vehicle didn't legally apply.

for the full story, click here. or, click here.

if you haven't already checked out the original clip, here it is...


Steve H. said...

Hilarious! I wonder if the driver was wearing a mic because he knew they'd be pulled over or to record his thoughts for the video? My guess is that he knew they'd be stopped by the cops and wanted to record the exchange.

bubba said...

The cop was a goof ball... Reading that his non-vehicular safety theory got shot down in flames was priceless.