Thursday, April 03, 2008

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - That's it...another edition...

blog's beginning to look like a valerie plame memoir (certainly not as good looking that's for sure).
It had to happen at some point. I finally made up my mind! It's off to the Simiens. I'm pretty excited. Hell, I've got my sleeping bag, boots, and brand new sleeping pad. Might as well use them. Besides, I hear from Louise that they are brilliant, or as LP would say, "stunning". Steve H. said what was the hurry with the Sudanese? I agreed with him. I've got 2.5 months left on my Ethiopian visa and till May 26 to get to Egypt.

So, what's the hurry?

Did just one thing today. Got money. For some reason or another, I've been and will be burning alot of it in Ethiopia.

I'm going to miss Addis, but you can only walk around the same old streets so many times without getting really bored. People like Tom, Jeremy, Anna, and Emily are gone now. So, it's time for me to get on with it. I'll be back though. Maybe in 2 weeks time.

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Steve H. said...

Should be plenty of time to find where they've got the Ark squirreled away!

bubba said...

I could spend a lifetime looking through the warehouse...