Friday, February 01, 2008

Kinigi village, Rwanda...Part deux. Sick and getting sicker...

If I had to pick a spot to be stuck, Kinigi would be tops. Well, not really... Beautiful vistas complete with volcanoes but a tad chilly at nights 'cause of the altitude (2132m). BTW, Kinigi is here 1°25'57.84"S 29°35'54.59"E.

I was able to go for short walks. Good way to avoid bed sores. Nice way to meet local kids and watch country life go by.

The disease is progressing. I felt listless all day. Chilled. Convulsing. I believe the listlessness is due to starving myself. I had spaghetti tonite. It seemed to alleviate some of my loopiness. Still stricken with the intermittent crazy cough. I'm not sure whether it's a hacking or dry cough. It feels different though. Like a knife slitting my throat with a metallic after taste. I'm not exaggerating.

I should be ready to go tomorrow or the day after. I'm not exaggerating (but kind of stupid), eh. I'm leaning towards the latter option. Why push it? I'll try to eat some more and clean the equipment tomorrow.

Even though the ladies (who run the guesthouse) have been really nice to me (looking in on me, bring me tea, I can't wait to get outta this place.

[ed. note: for those wanting to travel, inevitably, you too will get sick at one point or other. you'll be exposed to some pretty nasty bugs that will absolutely knock you silly. if you can handle this aspect of travel and not let it get you down, buy a plane ticket and get your ass out there.]

Super Bowl XLII Prognostication

NY Giants 40 NE Patriots 37

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