Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bujagali Falls, Uganda.

Nile at sunset...
Damn it, I'm still here. More photos tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a friend or two by then. Maybe not. I've got the entire bunkhouse/dorm to myself. Sweet.

[ed. note: I'm staying down the road from the NRE - Nile River Explorers hotel - in a place called the Eden Rock. The Eden Rock is a pretty cool place run by Dutch expats, Ben and his wife. It's got a big open front building that houses the restaurant/lounge and moreover, the TV w/satellite dish. In the back are individual chalets and the dorm.]

Spent most of today reading. I did do an analysis of the trip so far. It doesn't look good. Bad time/pace management. To review, at the beginning of this month I was lying on my death bed at the Kinigi Guesthouse. How times have changed...with the rafting and all. The pace is now non-existent once again. Must relax... embrace the chillin'.

I talked to an American guy today at the NRE. I recognized him from the day I went rafting. His name is Greg. He's from Arizona, spending some time here in Uganda volunteering. This may be a contradiction in terms but he's a rich artist. He suggested that real estate is the way to go and I should read his bible, "Rich Dad Poor Dad". He owns 5 houses for chrissakes. Just charge 2 percent of the original investment and you'll own the sucker within 4 years. Sounds good... I love making friends...

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