Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kinigi village, Rwanda... Breaking out the World's Smallest Violin.

I talked to Mum, Gawg, and B yesterday on my death bed. Usually I feel really good after a call from home, but man I was in a funk. I thought about the progress of the trip up to this point and about the rest of the journey through Africa. I really felt like baling out. Honestly, it was a really dark moment. My sis thought I was overly dramatic but it was exactly how I felt.

However, what a difference 24 hrs can make. I was awoken at 5 this mornin' by my dorm roomie (dormie?). I didn't mind because I thought I had one the best deep sleeps in recent memory. I felt like a million bucks, even after a shake down walk later in the morning. Felt so good I dropped by the Park office to check on tomorrow's gorilla treks. There's a 95 percent chance a spot may be open for me. Good as gravy, in my books. I think I'm gonna track me down some primates!

Matters aside, my american friend Lee ventrued back to the park yesterday for his golden monkey trek. Said the gorillas were spectacular. Good to see him. I bummed off his ibuprofen and a round of cipro (drug swapping in commonplace amongst travelers). He's a very nice person. [ed. note: i used up my last round of ciprofloaxin battling the disease. cipro is really handy, but i really don't want to abuse it and render it useless. having said that, it's difficult to obtain "real" cipro in Africa.]

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