Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda, Day 4.

Day 4 at the Lake. If there was anything that i could have prescribed for my recovery, it's the Boonya. So quiet here. Day slips into night and night into day. I've had difficulties keeping track of the time i've spent here. Life has fallen into a rhythm of sorts. Reading/writing, walking, or lounging around during the day [Jason, an expat Canadian bloke trapped here with me, was foolish enough to teach me how to play backgammon. Fun but I really suck at it]. I watch with amazement the regular late afternoon downpour. Then chow down on some really delicious food they serve here. then settle down to watching movies or the starry skies during the night.

Idyllic as the the setting is, it's time. Time to move on. Some observations I've made while sequestered on the island:

1) environmental sustainability means smelly toilets and intermittent electricity. have some sort of back up electricity. not essential. just a suggestion.

2) The more I chill out the less I feel chilled out. It's a fatal flaw in my genetic makeup.

3) The Lake needs a beach.

4) I love the bird life here. So many pretty birds.

5) This isn't the real it? Doesn't really matter.

It's time to go. Pick up the pace a bit. It's been a long trip so far. The pacing has been erratic at best. That may or maybe my fault. I should just relax.

I talked to my bro this morning. It'd be nice to see him in person.

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