Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kinigi village, Rwanda...

There's gorillas in them hills. Just ask Dian Fossey...

[ed. notes: well, i made it out of Kigali, west to Ruhengeri and then to Kinigi, a tiny village at the foot of Parc National des Volcans, home to the few mountain gorillas that still exist on this planet. i was traveling with a small group of travelers, including Lee, an American who a software guy for his country's star wars program and Jennifer, an annoying Canadian girl who kept reminding me that I could wipe out the gorillas if I set foot on mountain trails. Thanks alot.

I managed to get to the Parks office. In the mist, the wardens divided the large group of approx. 40 people into smaller groups to view the different groups of gorillas. I decided afterwards to turn myself in as a diseased person. They assured me that I'd have my day...]

Gorillas postponed. Sick of being sick. This is the most inopportune time. Very clumsy of me. Not sure when I'll be ready. Wicked cough. Using all drugs on hand.

[ed. note: with that I retired to the guesthouse where I would lie immobilized in bed for the next few days.]

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