Saturday, January 12, 2008

year of the rat, part 2..

hmmm... abandoned bicycle... backpack contents strewn... must be a missing chinese guy.

despite what it looks like, there were only a few patches of snow/ice along the way. for BTOG overseas fans, that's the WID (western irrigation district) canal on the right. it provides water for dem farmers to the east of calgary. yes, there is a EID. note: should have brought my skates along.

at "the park". chestemere lake is just the WID dammed up. talk about dams, damn it was noisy out there with them redneck ATVers and skidooers. anywho, the "lake" is bedroom community. most inhabitants either commute to the city for work or tend to their basement grow-ops. ah, gotta love livin' in the country, eh.

the WID path was sparsely populated that day, until the paparazzi showed up.

dang it's lonely out on the lone you can see the path was mostly clear of snow.

alright, i had a chance to rock out with my girlfren jessica simpson this past weekend. a quickie vay cay out in strathmore to be specific.

instead i chose to spend time with my friends at bikeclub and head out to chestemere. i could not let the team down.

my impression of the trip: dang, it da tundra out there in january. i figured if i couldn't hack blizzard like conditions or permafrost i didn't deserve to be a canadian.

ok, it was a beauty day out there. a handful of degrees above freezing. dead calm. the only wind going through my luxuriant locks o' hair was the one created by slick moves of my bike.

seriously, it was a really good time. winter biking? bring it on...

dunno if the cold numbed our brains or it was just mine, but we came up with this idea of converting the WID canal into the world's longest skating rink.

all we need are couple of zambonies and a load of smart investors.

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