Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bujagali Falls, Uganda... Still Here: Part 4

this is my buddy Simon. he's the hardworking owner of the aptly named Bujagali Chapati Co. I can't remember the number of times i ate here (sometimes 3 meals a day) and the number of "rolexes" i chowed down. a rolex is sort of like a wrap: avocado, eggs, tomatoes, fries, cabbage (for dinner), bananas and honey (for brekkie) wrapped in a freshly made chapati (sort of like a fried tortilla but thicker). mmmm...they were delish... A general rule of mine is to eat out, away from the hotel. spread the wealth... often i eat street food at places like the Chapati Co.

that's lydia in the green dress. she's something like 12 or 13 yrs old. i bought about 100 bottles of drinking water from her during my time in Bujagali. i always tried to bargain down the price of water. she never did give me a good price. that's her sis on the right. kind of a hottie, eh. dunno who the little boy is.

Ed. Rock. I think the skies were about to bust open again. Always fun to slip and slide all the way down to the Chapati Co. especially at night. I stayed 13 nights here. Bill for the bunk and a couple of brewskies came to 140,400 Ugandan Shillings. An impressive amount of money at first glance but upon conversion was a measley 80 US dullah. not a bad deal...

Ed Rock gardens as seen from the restaurant. Nice to read a book, if it wasn't pouring rain.

Never a dull moment at the Rock. Found these bat-like creature hanging around while i was sipping a beer and watching Chelsea vs. Liverpool on the big screen tv.

It's time to travel once again. I shared a taxi into Jinja, the closest town of any size to Bujagali, with Ben, his wife, and Jan to get money and more importantly a bus ticket for Eldoret [Kenya]. Jinja turned out to be a pleasant town (certainly geared to the backpacker crowd): a couple of internet cafes and trendy real cafes. With the ticket in hand, I conceded the chimps of Uganda for the "next" trip.

Am I excited about moving on? Yep. It's been nearly 14 days. I think I'm prepared and well rested for the next segment. I still have bad days with the cough but they are less frequent. The fresh air of Bujagali has been a godsend. Moreover, the past 2 weeks has been most important in a psychological sense. Let's face it, I was just running on psychological fumes...the desire was waning.

[ed. note: refer to burnt]

I'm not sure how fellow travelers like Wojciech [ed. note: I follow Wojciech's travels on his blog here] do it day after day. I mean the guy must be one of the greatest contemporary travelers of our time. Really, I mean that...

I didn't do anything special other than go out for dinner with the at Mama's: basically a shack on the "main strip" that serves very very traditional Ugandan food - mainly tubers and some indistinct leafy green material. And, for the first time in days, I took pix of the new friends I've made here. I'm going to miss them.

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