Monday, March 10, 2008

Nairobi, Kenya, Day 8

that's thomas on the right...
I've met some very interesting people here at the Hilltop. First there's Thomas from Germany (he's riding his bike from his homeland to Capetown). He's living the life I'm supposed to be living. He's a journeyman traveler/cyclist/author (i.e. he's a pro). He's been all over the world. He gives slide shows. Writes articles. Makes a living doing it. Talking with him for the last few days has really inspired me. Maybe this travel "career" isn't over quite yet. I must work on a strategy to earn money and travel at the same time. Anywho, Thomas is an amazing guy.

If you can read German or wanna see some pretty pix, check him out at his webpage, here.

that's leonard on the left...
Another guy I have to mention is Leonard from Kelowna. He's the guy setting up the slum tours. He looks exactly like the goal keeper for the German National Soccer Team. He reminds me of Don Cherry in his forthrightness. But he's an anti-Cherry-ite. He's much more intelligent (not a stretch for anyone I guess, ha!). He's sharp as a tack. A man of his convictions. To do what he's done here is an incredible feat.

Out of Canuckistan, Mar 10/07
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Steve H. said...

For all of the hatred of Bush in the west, turns out he's very popular in Africa. $15 billion for Aids and counting. Bono says he's the best President ever for Africa.