Monday, March 03, 2008


To all my loyal readers (shut-ins or not) who live in Alberta:

Vote Today!!

Honestly, I don't care if you vote for charlie brown or not, just vote!

Earn your right to gripe, as have I for the past 37 years of one party rule. ok, that one hurt. alot.

Today's shout outs:

talking about shut-ins, get well soon soapyDave.

to Lord Black: yes, it will be boring in the ol' Grey Bar hotel. Hope you packed a good book to read. Better yet, i hope u packed a rubber bung. gnome sayin'.


Steve H. said...

I took time out from my lawsuit against Celine to vote for Charlie Brown.

bubba said...


suing celine...that's a funny one, eh.

btw, i just turned off tv coverage of the election results. i cry "uncle" once again, my friend.

Steve H. said...

I thought you liked Charlie Brown? Not happy?

bubba said...

Actually I do like Chuck the person. Now that he's got the power I just hope he jacks up the royalties. the peeps will forgive anything.