Monday, February 26, 2007


hello my friends,

first of all, shout out to my sis. she's having fun in NZ for the next 3 weeks. have fun BB!! you deserve a break today.

still in bujagali. yes, still.

everyone, from lydia, the watergirl, to simon at the bujagali chipati company knows intimate details about yours truly now. everyone greets me by name and asks about my mum's gallbladder operation.

seriously, i think i'm really burnt out from traveling.

good thing everyone's nice at the Ed. Rock (short for Eden Rock) Resort. AND, there's satellite tv for moments when i'm not reading a book.

i went to the Black Lantern last night. it's the poshest restaurant in bujagali. had their famous pork spareribs. not the baby back ribs exactly, however, the meat was tender and barely hanging on to the bone if you know what i mean. mmmm... good splurge for the M/C.

stay tuned for more blubberings.


Wasta said...

Bungali Falls sounds really cool, just the kind of place to get wasted in peace.

I've tried white water rafting. I hate it when you end up under the boat!

Wasta said...

A question: have you tried monkey meat yet?

Steve H. said...

What a life...

Did you watch the Oscars last night on that there fancy satellite tv?

soapyDave said...

sorry you can't be here Friday for the premiere of The Playhouse. Sounds like you're having more fun there...

mmm... monkey meat!