Thursday, February 15, 2007

hey!! look!! some pix...

hello friends,

finally some photos.

l to r: silverback mountain gorilla, one tired monkey.

note: that silverback is the head honcho of susa group, the largest habituated group of gorillas in the park at a population of 38 (including 4 silverbacks). i'm something like 4 m away.

l to r: recovering traveler, local kinigi school girl.

note: met this girl while she was walking home from school. she was showing me her families craft store. everything was going fine until she asked me to buy her a french dictionary.


Steve H. said...

Okay, who's that happy looking guy in the photos? And what have you done with Bubba?

Ethiopia, eh... Gonna try and get the ark back?

Wasta said...

That gorilla looks mean. I wouldn't fancy your chances with him!

The schoolgirl looks sweet.