Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - It's a Dog Eat Dog World Out Here...

Mother and child, Mulit, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia...

Looks like it's a no go with the minibus to Bahar Dir. I give up. It's too bad. I know it's a pointless debate because foreigners/tourists will never get a fair shake with most transactions here or anywhere in the world for that matter. For example, back home there's a tourist trap called the Calgary Stampede.

Everyone and their dog is susceptible to being burned. The Rasta Man, resident travel agent of the Taitu Hotel, has a white English girlfriend. Nothing is beneath this guy, eh. He sold her a bus ticket for a whopping 150 birr. That's dog eat dog my friends.

Well, I thought seriously about jumping on the Rasta Man's bus but earlier tonight I baled and canceled the ticket. It's back on the big bus. It will add a day to the process but I should still make it in time for the Monday train to Wadi Halfa.

PS. Checked the forecast for Khartoum. It's going to be 45-46C for the next 5 days. Then there's a cooling trend down to 40C. I'm just going to wilt.

PPS. I apologise for all the whining. If I catch any of these bastards in Canada, I'm going to sell them a 6 dollar cafe latte... ok, that's it.

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