Saturday, May 17, 2008

Onboard the Sagalnaam, Lake Nasser, Egypt - Not the Loveboat but close enough...

Another lame attempt at video. We're close to reaching the ferry terminal at the Aswan Dam and I thought I'd grab some shots.

Muslims pray 5 times a day but there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is when devotees are traveling. In cases where there's a big convenient space like the upper deck, the bruthas do their thing. This was the 5 pm session...

Sunrise over the lake on day 2. I spent most of the night walking around the boat, sitting down occasionally to get some rest. I was still struggling with my cold. So, I avoided sleeping on the cool windblown upper deck where I could have spread out. Matt, my American friend was out there though...

Goooood Mooooorning Egypt!!!

Wakey, wakey...sleepy heads.

Dudes on the boat...question: which way faces eastwards?

More dudes on the boat. Egyptians to Sudanese ratio? About 80/20. [ed note: I'm not sure about the ratio really but I like that 80/20 rule though...]

Aloha Sudan!!! Looking back, it was frustrating in a logistical way, but I really liked the normal people. Would not be surprised if I'm back some day. Hopefully I'll be able to see the entire country by then...inshallah.

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