Monday, May 05, 2008

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Still here...Part 2

Man #2 - Harar, Ethiopia...

Girl #2 - the poser, Harar, Ethiopia...

Well, you guessed right. I'm still here in Addis. After a full day's research I'm still here. I could not find the elusive minivan to Bahar Dir. Struck out at the bus station and bridge. A lot of people offered me surprisingly exorbitant landcruiser rides at the bridge... Consolation, I did find a hammering bakery on the way back.

There was a slight development this afternoon. I checked in on Dean, the American guy who live down the hallway at the hotel. He had found a ticket for 150 birr from a Rasta guy out on the street. Hmmm... I'll check it out tomorrow or not...

I'm itching to put some momentum back into the trip.

Maybe a haircut tomorrow? Not.

[Ed. note: Dean, the American guy, was an amazing guy. He's actually making money out here traveling. Gettin' it done, gnome sayin'... He's writing articles/books, producing podcasts, and giving slide shows of his travels back in the States. Check his website @ theDeanofTravel -clever name, eh?]

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