Sunday, June 04, 2006

reduce the deuce...

i used to watch the classic stampede wrestling show hosted by the venerable late wailin' ed whelan a.k.a. to younger readers as the late voice of your calgary flames. ed would start out by welcoming his viewers and all the "shut ins". for the longest time i couldn't figure out what a shut in was.

for this posting, i want to welcome all of bikeclub's shut ins. well, there's only one. that'd be dillan. poor guy did a somersault with one half twist over his bike's handle bars last week. damn all motorised vehicles. if he didn't break every bone in his body, sounds better than a sore wrist, i'd say cool man.

he missed bikeclub meeting this weekend due to self applied physiotherapy to his ailing wrist. so, if you have his email address handy drop the guy a note of condolences.

by the way, his fine cannondale's unscathed, thank goodness.

now this weekend's report. damn, the bikeclub trip on saturday was a hoot. what a great time. sorry you couldn't be there dillan. u were missed. next week, my friend.

my advice for all bikers is if the wind is a gale from the west, best keep the route running north and south.

this time we headed north, through confed park, to the eastern flanks of nosehill (along beddington trail), then back to soapydave and gina's via the elbow river trail.

all completed the ride but dave ran outta juice and hit the wall really bad. never seen him so wiped before, eh. but, hey, he still slayed the sandy beach monster hill. that was great.

all of this to get some exercise. it's soapydave's and my goal to crack the deuce (crack the 200 lb barrier) this summer (thus reduce the deuce). we're currently looking for investors to help us print this slogan on bumper stickers.

thanx soapydave and soapygina for dinner. it was really delish.

break #1. lunch and crashing phantom weddings in confed park.

post-lunch calisthenics. it doesn't work if it doesn't hurt, eh.

break #2. can't suffer all the time. i-scream at confetti's on the banks of the mighty nose.


soapyDave said...

man, was i ever bagged! but i slogged up the hills - even it was almost at a standstill. thanks, bubba, for the encouragement! soapygina's HRM says she burned 3500 calories, which means i did closer to 4K!

bubba said...

like i said, the key to biking is to test how slow you can go. be that uphill or against the wind. it's all about patience, sometimes...

it's interesting that gina's device can measure calorie use. one pound of fat equals 7000 calories, eh.