Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mish mash, again... and a world cup 2006 update.

after a dismal winter on this tundra, i love the hot weather. makes running a little tougher but i'll take the heat for it.

reality tv is killing me. i watched snippets of america's got talent tonite. it bad. really bad. it's really a poor knock off of the 70's the gong show. let's see... regis philbin was chuck barris, david hasselhoff was an unfunny version of soupy sales, and brandy was an equally unfunny version of j.p. morgan. all that was missing was mean gene the dancing machine, the unknown comic, and, of course, the gong. the gong show was horrendously bad. so was america's got talent. america's got to get a life, eh.

what the hell's going on in ottawa? looks like harper writing cheques left and right buying up killing machines. where's he gettin' all this moolah? hmmm... 5 billion from kelowna 1st nations accord, 10 billion from the ex-universal childcare program, and probably the rest from making absolutely no effort to satisfy the terms of kyoto accord. it all adds up, eh. (the only purchase i've agreed with so far was the order for heavy lift aircraft.)

world cup coverage has been skimpy for the last few days. too many sportsnet games. the best game so far was the elimination game between portugal and the nederlands. fights (ok, pushing matches), chippy play, players gettin' thrown out. i thought it was ice hockey on grass. excellent. worst game was same day coverage of switzerland vs. the ukraine. soooooo boring. i don't think they should let those bastards off the hook by ending the game with penalty shots. they should have kept playing till someone scored.

due to circumstances beyond my control, i have to make revisions to my predictions. for the quarterfinals: argentina, italy, england (i would have picked portugal except for the fact that half the portuguese team got red-carded the last game - but i'll hoping for an upset by portugal), and brazil (unfortunately, france finished second in their pool) will prevail...

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