Monday, June 05, 2006

the final prediction...

ouch... the edmonton oil will be the 2006 stanley cup champions. it hurt me to say that. i hope your tetanus shot is up to date...

the 2006 stanley freakin' cup finals...

the edmonton oilers vs. the carolina hurricanes...finally.

i've bet against the hurricanes for the past 3 series. i'm going to do it again.


  1. in edmonton, i think 'canes will finally meet a formidable foe. i think they would have been defeated in the semifinals if the sabres didn't have so many injuries.
  2. the speed factor and face-off capabilities of the edmonton's forwards are superior to those of the hurricanes.
  3. the tandem of pronger and smith gives the oilers an edge in defence.
  4. i'd have to give an edge to edmonton in terms of goaltending as well.
my prediction: the oil in 6.

i've come to the conclusion that i can live with respecting the oiler team and still hate the oiler fans.

damn those fans.
damn the north saskatchewan river.
damn the boreal forest.
damn jasper.
damn the edmonton subway.
damn their mall (again).
damn the university of alberta.
damn their traffic circles.
damn calgary trail.
damn their lousy airport.
damn klondike days...
damn ralphie klein...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go canada!!! (why would you want to blow'd us nice folks up real good?)

i feel alot better now.


soapyDave said...

note to edmonton fans: it's "take the tops off" - not "blow your top"

soapyDave said...

with roli gone, it's over

bubba said...

it doesn't look good, to say the least. however, i have not given up!!!! but, it doesn't look good.