Thursday, June 08, 2006

the beautiful game...

World Cup of Soccer 2006...

i only pay attention to professional soccer or football once every 4 years. it took me 12 years (3 world cups) to figure out the offside rule.

i love the world cup though.

prognosis #1: brasil vs. france... in the final game.

brasil is obvious. they are the montreal canadiens and new york yankees of football. would i cheer for the present day pele's? yup. at the drop of a hat. i don't care.

france, if i remember from previous world coupes is pretty good. they're pretty tough. i like that henry guy. i like that zidane guy as well. i hope he's still around. they have to finish tops in their group for this prediction to come to fruition, but i see no probs.

if france chokes, i have soft spots for the nederlands (because the most beautiful goal i ever did see was scored by the nederlands and orange is a fun colour), denmark (because of a danish girl i knew once), sweden (because of a swedish girl i knew once), and any african team (because they are the best dressed).

prognosis #2: brasil will be the 2006 world cup champions by 2 over france, with the last goal being a empty net goal.


canada's hockey, i mean soccer, team didn't qualify. so, like every other canadian immigrant (say 95 percent of us) i'll pick the team from the old country.

besides, like i said, brasil's pretty obvious.

supplementary prognosis: the pommes will choke once again... just wanted to get that one in. ha!

here's to lots mo tv watching and soccer hooligans!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

it was Brasil vs germany in the 2006 world cup of the final game by 2