Wednesday, June 07, 2006

current observations...

looks like we have "homegrown" terrorists in canada.

dang you anne mclellan. why didn't you prepare me psychologically for this!!!???

security consultants/experts are dregs.

the more fear they can drum up, the more business they get.

canadian terrorists, when they're on, are very very busy people.

beheading stephen harper? pfffft... that's so weird.

then taking over the cbc building? why? you have some really bad canadian terrorist shows to put on?

a great muslim friend of mine, i'll call him ahmed, has not experienced any backlash yet, but he's decided to cut back on the lawn fertilizer this summer. ahmed really said that. i'm not kidding.

y'all terrorists just pissed off at the rest of the universe or do you feel a little on edge 'cause you're just a bit hungry? in rolls a stand of snickers bars... if it were only that simple...

the edmonton oiler's biggest problem? not goaltending but a really porous defence.

just realized that the RBC in RBC arena in raleigh, north carolina is THE real RBC. bastards?!?! who put the C in RBC, eh? glad i don't park my money in that bank.

the carolina anthem singer is hot but she can't sing...

saw another over-aged kid stuffed in a BOB (bike) trailer last that was terrifying.

there's ant farm in my keyboard.

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