Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hinterland who's who: mergus merganser...not your stereotypical duck.

exquisite in its form, mergus merganser, also known as the common merganser, is ubiquitous on the open waters of Canada's deep running rivers, and lakes.

these rather large ducks are characterized by long, slim necks and thin, serrated, and hooked red bills, allowing them to feed on small fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects.

the female, whose call consists of a deep, harsh, croaking kar-r-r and a quick kokokokok, is recognized by it's chestnut brown, crested head.

the male, whose call is also a deep croak but interspersed with twanging singular bell-like notes, is distinguished by it's dark green, non-crested head and pure white chest.

mergus merganser journeys with the canadian snowbird to the warmer environs of the southern united states in winter, only to return to the expanses of the great white north in the spring to the delight of canadian birdwatchers.


soapyDave said...

wow, female merganser should be "butt-ugly duck" - that is some carzy doo. betcha those serated beaks can cause some damage, too.

bubba said...

soapydave, i can't believe you just dissed the duck's doo... i think it looks kinda cute. a bit punk-ish. beware of serated beaks. bet you'll never look at a duck the same ever again, eh.

Dillan said...

Once again, excellent pics buddy. I am becoming quite a fan!

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