Tuesday, May 09, 2006


it was my first day at work.

i was teaching a bunch of grade three's. it was another crazy day. the commute was crazy.

i was sitting alone in the staff room. i loved being alone.

my cell phone rang. it was my friend bob. he was looking for his posters. i had them kept in a school storage room.

i kept him on the line while i went down to storage room to check on his posters. the floor tiles were arranged in a black and white checkered pattern. the floor was shiny and squeaked under my shoes. i hated squeaky floors...

i found the posters rolled up in a tube. i took a seat on a wooden crate, facing the storage room's dark wooden door, as i continued my conversation with bob.

the radiator beside the door bursted into flames. i ran out of the room and down the hall.

i yelled at a kid, "fire!!! get the hell outta here."

the kid thought i was joking.

the fire alarm was blaring now. i looked behind me. there were six kids, dressed in light brown uniforms, clipboards in hand, going from room to room. behind them the hall was filling rapidly with a cappucino-colored foamy goo.

i awoke from my slumber. it was another strange dream.

i usually don't attach much importance to the significance of dreams but i couldn't help but wonder about what this one was trying to tell me...


dean said...

At least you didn't trample the kids in order to save your own life. That'd be worth some analysis.

Dillan said...

(In my best german accent) Before I can analyse your dream, tell me about your mother.