Friday, May 19, 2006

is there still hockey goin' on...?

qqqqqqqttttttt, come on out. how 'bout len? or does dean work in that building? the buildings all look the same. new lens: nikon 18-200 f3.5-5.6 dx. it's a beauty eh?

spent a few hours downtown yesterday. i looked around for people i knew. no such luck. i thought i'd see qtlibrarian at least. in the end, i settled for a delish vietnamese sub sandwich. mmmm...

thought i better fire off this posting so we can get on the rest of our engrossing lives.

yes, there's still hockey... good news, the slackers, choke artists, and chump wannabes have dropped by the wayside. only the true, men-stocked hockey teams are left.

the east.

buffalo sabres vs. carolina hurricanes...

in each of the last 2 rounds i've bet against the 'canes to advance. i'll do it again. i just have a bad feeling about them. yes, they hammered marty brodeur in the quarters. i know. but, they are really up against tough competition in the buffalo sabres.

the sabres are sort of like the oilers of the east. lots of speed. lots of scoring ability. the true prototypical team of the "new" nhl. let me emphasize the word "team". they are the consummate team coming out of the east.

so, taking all of these concepts into consideration, along with season records against one another:

my prediction: sabres in 6.

the west.

the edmonton oilers vs. mighty ducks of anaheim...

my gut says oilers. my brain says oilers.

my prediction: the oilers in 6.

damn those oiler fans. damn the "blue" mile. damn the west edmonton mall. damn the eskimos. damn that city of chumps sign on highway 2. damn ralph klein.


Dillan said...

Oooo! 18-200mm, eh? A 200mm f2.8 (prime again) is on the 'big list' of future purchases, but I don't think it will happen for me for a long time. You should really bring the whole collection along on a bike club ride one day (heh heh). I'd like to check these lenses out.

soapyDave said...

i know someone who used to work in that building years ago. nice pic!

Len said...

Sorry to disappoint you Al, but I don't work down town at all. You'd have to go to the NE to find my building.

qtlibrarian said...

My building is a number of blocks from there. I usually spend my lunchhours on a bench on Stephen's ave. You've got my email for next time.