Friday, April 07, 2006

ya learn something new everyday...

thanx for spitting or are you chinese?

i was at the superstore today. i thought i'd make it a quicky trip to grab some 2 L DC's (diet cokes) and milk. mmmm... i digress. i'm taking an extra look at the tomatoes when i heard some guy hacking nearby. in fact, he gave a chinese-style blood-curdling phlegm loaded hack. i looked in the direction of this grizzled-looking old guy and caught him spitting his business into the broccoli bin.

i'm not kidding.

i nearly puked on the spot.

there were no employees around.

wash your veggies... real good.

'cuse me but i'd like to manage your risk...

i was at mount royal college tonight with dave, gina, and dillan. we took in a freebie talk given by bruce kirkby. bruce is a canadian adventurer-extraordinaire.

bruce was pretty funny. had some nice photos of mongolia.

during the Q & A session, i learned that a lot of college-aged females dream of travelling but fear the act of doing it alone.

movie reviews.

the interpreter: ok movie. better thriller than red eye. nicole kidman was such a knockout as usual, made hotter by a south african accent.

into the blue: better than i thought it was going to be. good suspense. jessica alba's pretty hot. excellent, beautiful diving footage. takes me back to my diving days in thailand.

cinderella man: excellent. best boxing movie i've ever seen (yes, i've heard good things about raging bull). much better than million dollar baby. russell crowe and renee zellweger gave terrific performances.


Steffie said...

the obvious solution, then, is for you to accompany said college aged ladies on their travels.

Dillan said...

Al thought of that one very quickly...believe me!

qtlibrarian said...

Have you heard about China and their Anti-Spitting laws for the Olympics. Gross

Seriously Al, there could be a market for a vacation male companion/tour guide.

Dillan said...

Al Woo, travel gigolo. It's a perfect fit!

bubba said...

first, i didn't think there was any interest in travel to exotic lands. who would of thought...

i would luv to take any or all lovely women overseas. yeah, be a gigolo, eh?

i think i should of approached some of these ladies last nite...

thing is they will discover soon enough that traveling is not a solo experience if one chooses it to be that way. there are flocks of foreigners/travelers everywhere willing to team up as companions. maybe i shouldn't tell them that.