Wednesday, April 19, 2006

film is cheap or watch soapydave eat lunch...part one.

alright, alright... people have been waiting for this post for awhile now. the film has finally been processed and shipped back from the lab.

the first excursion of the BikeClub around the reservoir occurred a couple of weeks ago. fun was had by all except when it rained on my way home. however, me and the specialized rockhopper handled it well.

let's get to the pix shall we...

l to r: akira kurosawa, soapygina, soapydave, mr. lighttable himself.

official bikeclub paparazzi...and his canon slr camera.

lunch 1.

lunch 2.

lunch 3.

lunch 4.


soapyDave said...

mmmm. . . egg salad with garlic sprouts!

qtlibrarian said...

If you scroll really quickly it's like a flip book!

I'll have to dig out my bike from the 'rents this weekend to join you guys.