Thursday, April 20, 2006

roll #2

okay, the second roll of images came back from the lab.

bikeclub made the trip out to chestermere lake/slough on good friday.

that was a tough trip. it was a song going out. there was pay back on the way back. 3 words summarized the excursion: gale force winds. it was disconcerting to see whitecaps on the stagnant WID waters.

we did manage to get everyone home safely.

legs didn't feel right for the next few days though.


break #1: i luv breaks.

apple eater #1

apple eater #2

apple eater #3

there we are: lil hanoi...finally.

who need's a tripod, eh?

the right stuff.

getting cosy on the bridge.

getting real cosy on the bridge.

muuussssssssttttttt ffffffffiiiiiiiight....

ttttttttthhhhhhhhheeee wwwwwwwwwwwinnnnnnnnnndddddddd...

snack on the bald prairie...

dillan...sit down. you're making me nervous... relax, eh.

that path is mighty straight n' flat. sorta like life... depressing, eh...

1 comment:

soapyDave said...

i saw the whitewater - and there couldn't have been more than 6 inches in most places.

the high-angle shot is great but i don't recall you wearing platform shoes.