Tuesday, April 25, 2006

revenge is best served cold is not a klingon phrase...

NHL playoff report...

no big surprises so far...

a little worried about your calgary flames before tonite. i thought if the flames played their finest hockey in the first two games they'd be in big trouble. the second game was particularly bad for the flames. however, i thought they really picked up their forechecking game and overall aggressive play tonite. at this rate they could end this series early, especially if anaheim keeps giguerre in goal. i still predict a long series, however.

detroit red wings vs. edmonton oilers... edmonton is giving it the ol' college try. playing the trap is a smart idea. well, they just won game #3. much has been said about the red wings, the veteran-filled team that they are, not panicking in tough situations. perhaps they ought to start worrying now before they go the way of the dodo bird for another year.

montreal canadien vs. carolina hurricanes... i still can't figure out why the hell carolina (south or north?) has a hockey team. series is on schedule... hope montreal doesn't open up their game at home. huet looks good. look for cam ward to start goal for the 'canes in game #3. gerber really sucked.

other observations: the cbc coverage just sucked on opening night. in the detroit/edmonton game they didn't even have a on screen powerplay clock... not often i sympathize with edmonton fans, but the cbc commentary (mark lee and john garrett) for their games really sucks.


in between hockey games there is still time for a couple of movies.


how appropriate, eh?

oldtime hockey. that's what it's all about, at least in slapshot.

in summary, i wanted more oldtime hockey, more hanson brothers, more brawls, and less off-ice stuff.

interesting, it takes americans to make good hockey movies. i saw a few seconds of the cbc dramatization of the '72 summit series the other night and turned the channel.

for a good time i recommend this movie. if you're not into hockey, you'll get a kick out of the 70's wardrobe ensembles and disco soundtrack.

kill bill, vol. one.

usually i can't stand gratuitous violence. But if it's used in conjunction with revenge, it's great. let me tell you there's plenty of revenge in kill bill.

in summary, uma thurman was hot, lucy liu was hot (usually i think opposite), the girl in the school uniform was hot, the kung fu was great, there wasn't enough bloodletting, anime clips were funny.

that quentin tarantino is one warped dude, eh.

excellent movie.

dudes, it's time to rent out pulp fiction... yah, i haven't seen it yet. i was fighting along side my fellow maoist insurgents in nepal at the time it was released.


soapyDave said...

Kill Bill Vol 2 is much better - and makes Vol 1 pretty much useless. They should have just let him make it one long movie. There is nothing you learn in 1 that they don't tell you again in 2 - in fact the only redeeming quality in 1 (and i have to admit it's a pretty big one) is Lucy Liu.

bubba said...

you mean there's vol. 2? i thought that since vol. 1 ended rather abruptly. what a rip off charging people twice for something that could of been easily one movie...