Saturday, April 08, 2006


i biked down to the bow river this afternoon to investigate the viability of the bike path next to the lafarge gravel pit.

progress on repairs? nodda. zipola.

jesus h. christ, it's been over 9 months since the great rains of 2005. yes, it's going to take some money to fix the paths but, to put it in perspective, the required amount of cash will be a infinitesimal fraction of what takes to build one of those fancy schmancy interchanges that dave bronconnier seems hellbent on constructing.

calgary, where car is king, sux.

don't get me started on the repair work on the bridges in fish creek provincial park.

here are some pix i took.

this fence is the 3rd warning to stay away from the damage. i'm about 3 or 400 metres downstream from the gravel pit bridge.

more troubling signs next to the fence.

oh my, the earth is flat, eh.

looks like the path has been destroyed right up to the bridge. if you look at the bridge, up and midstream, the western third was blown away by the river.

my prognosis? don't expect any repairs soon. at the rate the city is approaching this problem, there may never be bike traffic around these parts ever again.


Dillan said...

Crap, crap crap! The rest of the land along there is owned by Lafarge, so I think we're hooped. Maybe they can run a pathway on the other side of the river...pppfffff. That would require another bridge, I would suspect. It looks like the tour de Calgary Sud is a thing of the past for me. Shit on a stick. Thanks for the report, Al.

Kyle said...

Bike? What's a bike?

And I don't see the problem there. Any half decent SUV should be able to handle the lack of a path.

That's what the paths are for, right? SUVs?

I drive an SUV, so this sarcastic comment is also hypocritical. In my defense, I need the SUV. Honest.

bubba said...

kyle, didn't know you guys drove a suv... thought now that the family unit is expanding, you'd be driving a station wagon (fake wood siding) or a van (ugh)...

Anonymous said...

Bronconnier is an IDIOT.

Fuck the safe blanket Calgary's media gives to such asshole.