Thursday, April 27, 2006

have a nice weekend...

not much to report today. so, i guess it's time for some fun stuff... and an observation.

check out this hilarious 1968 clip of johnny carson and jack webb (sargent joe friday of dragnet fame):

ever since qtlibrarian posted a perfect example a flash application, where the kinematics of a particular ladies undergarment was analyzed, i've searched the www far and wide for one that she and other ladies might enjoy...

i think i found one. click here.

perhaps one of the most irritating things about going to a hockey/football game is the astronomical prices for beer, eh...

here's the solution we've all been waiting for. click here. i think it'd make an excellent present for the upcoming mother's day.

if you're bored at your desk today, you can stare at a bird sitting on her/his eggs for a while. click here.

well, what would life be without one of my astute observations:

i was running by the local catholic junior high this morning. a class, i assumed it was PE, was outside playing soccer. nothing out of the ordinary, i guess, except all the kids were dressed in all-black uniforms. both teams.

peer pressure and goth culture are way out of control in today's schools.


qtlibrarian said...

Wax off Hasselhoff = brilliance

Steffie said...

baha! the hoff asked me if i was knitting a sweater!