Thursday, April 12, 2007

what's nice road like you doing in a place like ethiopia...

some people back in the day had a whole lotta time on their hands... l to r: st. george's church, bubba.

so much for real time reporting. i should have said real africa time. the internet costs in lalibela were nothing short of extortionate. prices were written in stone, however. ha.

i'm exhausted. let me summarize. 4 glorious days in lalibela. i almost got married. good friday was great.

lalibela was a very difficult place to get out of.

i had to hitch a mammoth ride from some truck drivers. they had the slowest isuzu in the universe. it was 14 hr. day on the road.

got to werota. nothing to write home about.

bahar dir and the island monasteries were interesting but not overwhelming. i've come to the conclusion that guidebooks like lonelyplanet and bradt (to a lesser degree) really overhype some of these places. i hightailed it outta there. bad vibes.

hopped on a minibus for the super smooth ride to gonder (not to be mistakened for the fictional gondor). there is a big medieval church/fort here.

will now prepare for sleep. big day tomorra.

i forgot. here i am: n12 36.518 e37 28.129


Steve H. said...

Whoa, whoa...back up there Bubba! Whaddya mean ya almost got married? Ya can't just throw away a comment like that... Let's get the details.

Detroit 4 Calgary 0, 3rd period, 1st round of playoffs. Need a good story to brighten my day.

Habs didn't make the cut. Sorry.

Wasta said...

Yeah, I want to know the details too. I mean, my mate nearly got married to a 200lb woman in Uganda, but a Dutchman beat him to it-- so what happened?

That Church looks really cool. I take it that it's dug out of the ground? The things people do in the name of religion!