Friday, April 27, 2007

the mule, the muleteer, the lone gunman...

the rented mule.

the crew.

the lone gunman.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!

LOVE the picture of the mule! Does he have a name?

Is there a good reason for the fella with the gun? Wild ibex trampling you? Stray gangaweed? Or is that, that might be something else...

Glad to see you are still exploring - lovely park.

Oh apparently "ibexes" is an acceptable plural form of "ibex" but so is "ibex"... I think I like "ibex" myself...

What is your "X" animal going to be?? LOL!

Big hugs,
the haus frau

PS - go find yourself some carbohydrates dude!

soapyDave said...

man, you must be barely busting the ace!

nice pics!

Wasta said...

Have a look at this if you have time: