Wednesday, April 04, 2007

live coverage of a major event...

through the miracle of the super info hi way, i bring you real time coverage of my northern ethiopian extravaganza.

i'm in the unremarkable town of dessie (n11 07.239 e39 38.043) on my way to the mecca of the ethiopian orthodox christian church. well, one of the meccas.

it's a 2 day journey. now, i'm shacked up in a cheap motel (20 birr or 2 bucks USD and change) waiting for a 5 AM start tomorrow morning. gruelling schedule but someone has to do it.

highlites today:

spectacular mountain scenary.
hair (if u've got it) raising, clinging to the cliff's edge highway.
highway smoother than a baby's putooty.
rained cats and dogs for awhile.
met an aussie on the bus -- jesse.
3 people hurled their cookies because of excessive switchbacks.

that's it for today. got go find a cheap latte and injera.

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