Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i hate snakes...

well i think we're all getting a little tired of addis. particularly, this place N9 1.854 E38 45.189.

well, the hoopla over money (shortage of USD) and visa (knock on wood) problems are hopefully behind me.

plus, i'm getting tired of the cheap lattes. 4 birr (50 cents US). that's farangi prices for chrissakes.

it's off to the great unknown again.

this time it's off to the north of ethiopia... i'll give you a moment to get out the atlas.

i go with great trepidation since i've heard all the grim tales about ethiopian buses in the north (the subject of forthcoming posts).

8) bus
9) bus travel - lalibela
10) lalibela
11) bus
12) gondar
13) gondar
14) debark
15) sankber
16) gich
17) chennak
18) sankber
19) debark
20) gondar - bahar dar
21) addis ababa.
22) addis ababa
23) addis ababa
24) on the road again.
25) man, this road is bumpy.
26) will someone please open a window on this stupid bus. it's really hot in here. and, who are you sitting in my seat...?
26) i think i see the burbs of khartoum... inshallah.

this itinerary is of course subject to radical change. because of the non-cooperation of the sudanese visa office i'm forced to backtrack to addis (i hate backtracking). from addis, it's off to the Sudan with my, hopefully, brand spankin' new 14 day transit visa in my hot little hands.

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