Friday, April 13, 2007

each step i take takes me closer to home...

well, today marks my 6 month on the road. so, i thought i'd give out some

most disappointing/bizarre moment: visiting the mursi tribe in the omo
valley (ethiopia)

most improved/likely city i thought was going to hell but didn't: nairobi.

best capital city: maputo, mozambique.

worst capital city: lusaka, zambia.

most yummy meal: (tie) braii in etosha (bbq chicken) -- sal thought i
couldn't cook, & seafood at the maputo fish market.

best travellers i've met: sergio (trans african through the congo), thomas
meixner - bicyclist.

best coffee: nairobi.

best beer: nile special (uganda)

the way, way, way off the beaten path award: water taxi/pedestrian crossing
into burundi.

best sunset: i dunno.

most dangerous place: vilanculos, mozambique.

worst bus ride: quelimane to nampula, mozambique.

the biggest eyeopener award: muthare slum, nairobi.

the biggest pothole in africa: entire route from isiolo, kenya to moyale,

best backpacker hostel: Upperhill Campsite, Nairobi.

best boat ride: ss liemba.

best 3rd world country with 1st world prices: rwanda/botswana.

worst tourist trap: twylafontein, namibia.

best national park: kgaligadi national park (south africa).

most asthetically pleasing country: ethiopia, rwanda.

biggest ripoff: letter of introduction (embassy of canada) - 50 dullah.

before i sign off, just want to wish my mama a happy birthday.


Anonymous said...


You didn't include "biggest adrenaline rush"

hmmmm, would that be "bluff charge by elephant, okovango?


Good to see you're still having fun. And hey, I would never have doubted your cooking abilities...but Sal doubts mine all the time!!

Still getting drabs of snow in Calgary - but spring has sprung on the coast!

Take care of yourself man!

Big hugs - from the haus frau!

dean said...

Happy 6 month Al!

Wasta said...

Six months and you have made very progress through Africa. Surely you can't be thinking of home yet? You have barely started!:)