Tuesday, January 02, 2007

bon ano!!!!

well, happy new year to all my loyal readers.

just came back to nampula from the ilha do mozambique.

spent NY's there. the actual NYE was really good. started slow. we, me and my guesthouse mates, didn't book a table at any of the local eateries. so, we were stuck without any dinner. no food, unless you called beer "food".

we made our way to the local movie house where they planned fireworks on the stroke of midnight. there were indian people setting out delicious food out on sidewalk tables. someone asked if the food was for sale. they replied that it was a private party but we could join in.

what a feed! several curries, chow mein like dishes, chicken. mmm... all washed down with fanta orange.

man those folks were nice...

fireworks were awesome.

my stay in ilha do mozambique will be best remembered for the number of ailments i was suffering. my left leg got infected some how. it started to swell horribly. i met a german med student who suggested that i take a course of cipro (antibiotic). within 24 hrs. the swelling had gone down. in the meantime i'd been fighting an upper respiratory infection (cough) with a 16 USD bottle of benylin cough syrup. after beginning the cipro treatment for my leg, the cough subsided as well.

two birds with one stone, eh.

no more infections please.

off to malawi tomorrow via mocuba, milange and blantyre. it's a rather obscure route. wish me luck.

cya on the other side.


qtlibrarian said...

Dude I love Orange Fanta

soapyDave said...

it's the nazi drink! glad to hear you're not the canuck who was arrested in Kenya. Happy New Year!

dean said...

Happy New Year Al! I hate those bus rides, but they always end up being the best tales eh?

Haus Frau said...

Good to hear the 'brothers and sisters' are treating you well! No one should go hungry on NYE!

LUCK wished at you for your travels...oh, and some good fortune too.... :-)

Mebbe you should have taken some polysporin along with you..... :-)

Be healthy!

Hugs fr the Haus Frau

Steve H. said...

HNY Bubba!

You'll be happy to hear that the Yapping Dog is now Secretary of State (for multiculturalism and Canadian identity).

Looks like the ol' bod was too used to the cozy NA lifestyle, huh? Let's hope this is the last of your health woes as you adapt.

Malawi sounds like fun. Thinking of adopting? Gonna be humid as hell, I bet. Nonetheless, fantastic country to visit. BTW, next time it's noon look down and see if you cast a shadow.

Say hi to Madonna for me.