Wednesday, January 24, 2007


fubar, my friends. after only 2 months of travel, i look like hell. trust me, i've been getting my 3 meals per day. maybe it's the food... by the way that's downtown kigoma in the background. my fat head is blocking the view of the open sewage line.

i presently here in kigoma, tanzania.

nothing happening to day other than researching burundi a bit and taken care of money probs.


dean said...

You could have smiled in the photo. Glad to see you're alive though.

Steve H. said...

I know you like living on the edge brother, but if I were you I'd look at Burundi for a future trip and take a pass this time. Rwanda seems okay, though.

You must be close to Jane Goodall. Gonna pay a visit?

dean said...

Hey Guess what? I finally bought a D50 (I bought the display copy at London Drugs, as the D40 has replaced it). I'm going to bring it with me to Costa Rica. I leave in 2 days! I just need to learn how to use it better.

bubba said...

dean, i am smiling. congrats on the d50. it's an outstanding camera. have fun in CR.

stephen, jane g.'s unfortunately in india. probably visiting the dalai lama. she's not a cheap date here. just to visit her lil' enclave of chimps costs 100 USD per day. thanx for advice on burundi.