Tuesday, January 23, 2007

living amistad 2007...

just got off the MV liemba. talking about a real life version of the film amistad. for four days i was crammed on board the liemba with a whole lotta black folks.

the stories i've got to tell have to wait.

i've got a new phone number for my cell toy.

it's 255784165397. the country code for tanzania is 255 which is smack dab in front of the big long phone no. judging by the huge flood of phone calls and messages with the zambian no., i'll brace myself for a similar barrage.

just chillin' in kigoma at the moment, figuring out how to proceed next.

interesting that everyone here is suggesting that i go through burundi to get to the mountain gorillas of rwanda. that violates a big security rule of mine: do not enter war zones. maybe it's ok now. i figure it out. in the meantime i'm experiencing a cashflow problem that involves USD. you know, that drabby coloured money.

till later. go ahead ring that phone!!!


jenny said...

hey Korean, are u having an aversion to black people? u choosed the wrong continent dude. Me, I LOVE black people! They insult chinese looking people. Gosh - so nice. I wanna kick them in the balls!

Steve H. said...

Why was it like Amistad>? They put you in chains?

Wait, don't answer that...

I hear MV Liemba used to be a German warship in WWI, and was the inspiration for the "African Queen" (you know, Bogart and Hepburn). Pretty cool. Hopefully they've updated her old coal-powered steam engines. I'd hate to think you had to shovel coal into the boilers to pay for your passage.

bubba said...

jenny, i know u love black folk.

steve h., i didn't know about the "african queen" connection. still coal powered. they put me to work shovelling.

soapyDave said...

i tried to text the zambian no. before your bro says it's a typo. will try again.